The Unofficial Manal al-Sharif Wiki

March 9 , 2018

Manal al-Sharif is an activist who played an important role in the Women to Drive movement, which fought against the ban on female drivers in Saudi Arabia. In this guide, we'll take a look at her life, her vocal opposition to oppression, and the influence she's had on the women's rights movement.

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The 8 Best Books on Women’s Rights in Saudi Arabia

March 18 , 2018

Women are fighting for equality all over the world, and are up against many different forms of oppression. But some of the most extreme examples of this can be found in Saudi Arabia. The kingdom has been particularly slow to grant basic rights to women, dragging their collective feet as societies around them move forward. Here are eight books that discuss the many causes and effects of the legal policies and societal pressures that hold women back in the country.

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